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Why Portugal could be a great Destination for Your International Immersion Program

Choosing the perfect destination for your international immersion program can be challenging. We live in a wide world with countless options, so picking a location that will fit your curriculum learning objectives and offer your students the best experience can be overwhelming. There are other considerations, like safety, budget, and weather, to name a few.

While many countries may come to mind, Portugal is often overlooked, but it should be high on your list. A vibrant and diverse country, Portugal offers an array of experiences to provide an unforgettable immersion program with something for everyone, from its rich history and culture to its diversified economy. 

Let’s dive into why we recommend you put Portugal on your consideration list.


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Portugal is a leader in the FinTech industry. The country has been investing heavily in its startups in recent years, resulting in a surge in its FinTech sector. With its government’s “Startup Visa” program and an innovative regulatory environment, Portugal is quickly becoming an incubator for new ideas and innovation. This offers a unique opportunity for students to learn from startups and sector experts, providing valuable insights and exposure to a growing industry.

Health and sustainability are also at the forefront of Portuguese culture. The country boasts a range of health-focused initiatives, including healthy eating and lifestyle programs. Portugal’s health and wellness tourism industry is booming, with many traveling to the country to take advantage of the health-focused programs. As for sustainability, Portugal is on a mission to reduce its carbon footprint. The country has made significant investments in renewable energy and has set an ambitious goal to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. Students can learn from Portugal’s sustainable initiatives, giving them a better understanding of how businesses can positively affect the environment.


Incubators, hubs, and unicorn factories are abundant in Portugal. The country is home to various incubators and innovation hubs, providing startups with resources and mentoring to help them grow. In addition, Portugal has become a hub for unicorn companies in recent years, boasting an impressive number for a country of size. This allows students to learn from some of the most successful entrepreneurs in Europe, gaining valuable leadership and entrepreneurial skills.



Portugal is also known for its manufacturing and industry. Students can visit plants at iconic companies such as Volkswagen and Central Cervejas, providing them with a behind-the-scenes look into the manufacturing process. We can also visit the Riberalves canned fish factory for firsthand experience in Portuguese industries.


Discover the warm hospitality of the Portuguese people as they proudly share their insights about doing and growing a business here. Our exceptional network of local speakers  is second to none. 

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The country’s rich history and culture give students a unique and unforgettable education. Students can immerse themselves in Portuguese culture by exploring historical landmarks such as the Jeronimos Monastery and Belem Tower in Lisbon to learning about the traditional Portuguese way of life in fishing villages like Nazare. Students interested in sports can also visit the famous Benfica Football Club and attend a match, giving them an inside view into the world of professional football.

Portugal is an ideal destination for business school program administrators, deans, and faculty looking to offer students a valuable and immersive experience. Portugal offers students diverse educational opportunities with its booming FinTech industry, commitment to health and sustainability, unicorn factories, and unique manufacturing and industry visits. Add to this the country’s rich history, culture, and unforgettable experiences, and you have the perfect recipe for a successful international immersion program.

Our local team is excited to host your program and show you why they love living in this great country

Our local team is excited to host your program and show you why they love living in this great country