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Panama: Connecting the Americas

MBA programs thrive on real-world experiences that blend industry learning with practical applications. One destination that stands out for such immersive opportunities, is Panama. Known for its strategic location and robust logistics infrastructure, Panama offers MBA candidates a unique landscape in which to work on consulting projects while exploring connectivity as a central theme.

The Heart of Connectivity

Panama’s position as a global connectivity hub is unmatched. With the iconic Panama Canal linking the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, the country has long been a critical juncture for international maritime trade. This provides a live case study in global logistics and supply chain management.

This connectivity extends beyond geography into technology and commerce, providing a rich landscape for business students to explore.

Copa Airlines:
The Aviation Hub

Copa Airlines serves as Panama’s premier airline and a significant regional connector. The Tocumen International Airport, home to Copa’s hub, links over 80 destinations across the Americas. This not only makes Panama an accessible destination for international students but also offers a firsthand look at the intricacies of airline hub operations and aviation management. Furthermore, Panama is a prime destination for those programs who wish to visit 2 Latin American cities to compare and contrast economies, as Panama can be combined with any of our other Latam destinations with convenient flight options.


Regional Distribution Hub

Panama’s Colón Free Trade Zone, the second-largest free trade zone in the world after Hong Kong, underscores the country’s role as a regional distribution hub. Students will delve into the logistics and operational strategies that make Panama a pivotal player in global trade. Real-world projects here could range from optimizing supply chain processes to exploring innovative distribution strategies. Panama, with 5 major ports and 3 ports on the Atlantic coast alone.

Panama’s role as a regional distribution hub is further emphasized by its status as a leading transshipment center. The country moves more container transshipments than Brazil, despite having a local market of just 4 million people.

This has led to a thriving logistics industry, with major players like DHL and FedEx alongside local operations offering various services. From value-added services to export packaging, companies in various sectors, such as pharmaceuticals, fashion, and technology, the benefit from Panama’s logistical capabilities to the region is unparalleled.

Technology Hub:
A Growing Presence

Panama rapidly emerges as a technology hub, attracting global giants like Dell and Google. These companies leverage Panama’s strategic location and connectivity to serve the broader regional market. This burgeoning tech scene provides fertile ground for Executive MBAs to engage in consulting projects that intersect technology, business strategy, and regional market penetration.

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Multinational Center Law:
A Magnet for Global Headquarters

Panama’s appeal to multinational corporations is further strengthened by its Multinational Center Law created in 2007, which has attracted dozens of companies to set their Latin American headquarters there. This legislation offers tax incentives and other benefits, making Panama a destination for global businesses.

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Panama’s Economic Insights delivered by experts with diverse perspectives


Domingo Latorraca M.

Partner at ELEMÉNTE, Inc.


Glenn Tjon

Business Transformation and AI Strategist | Impact and Inspire Innovation-Driven Entrepreneurs and Corporations to solve meaningful problems | Managing Director CBA | Chairman VAB | Board Advisor CASEM

Some of our Company 
Visits & favorite Speakers

Successful Collaborations:
Real-World Impact

Our University partners have experienced many successful collaborations in Panama, with their students doing course consulting work for local companies. Projects focusing on supply chain optimization, market expansion strategies, Market entry to the United States, and technological advancements have provided valuable learning experiences and contributed to the participating companies’ success. These collaborations exemplify how MBAs can make a tangible impact while gaining practical experience and forming global connections.

Consulting Projects Samples

Enhance your academic business immersion in Panama by collaborating with local companies on consulting projects. Executives and entrepreneurs are eager to work with students, providing valuable practical experience and expanding professional networks. Below are some of our recent collaborations.

Consulting clients testimonials

“Panama offered a unique opportunity to safely travel to a single country, where students could experience a diverse view of global business during a time when global supply chains and logistics are part of daily business conversations.”

Jill Lohmiller
Reynolds Program for Global Business

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Danika Gutierrez, a One-Year MBA student from University of Colorado Denver, reflects on her time in Panama and how the trip changed her perception of global business practices:

“Much like the rest of the cohort, I didn’t anticipate Panama being an option for the course abroad. However, one of the main reasons why I chose to attend CU Denver for my MBA is because of the required international course, so I was excited to travel, nonetheless. As someone who has only traveled to two countries in their lifetime, Panama was the perfect opportunity to immerse myself in a completely new culture, observe the local people’s lifestyle, and learn from business leaders about the operations and logistics in the country”.

Panama is home to seven indigenous groups, one of them, are the Emberas. Visiting the Embera Village is a great adventure when exploring Panama. The village we visit, is located along the Chagres River, and is home to about 150 indigenous people who welcome travelers with open arms. During the visit you will learn many of their everyday customs and culture—we also got a demonstration of how they craft items using the limited available resources. For the shopaholics in the group, they offer gifts for purchase, such as jewelry, wooden carvings, and woven baskets, all beautifully crafted by hand, to serve as a reminder of their hospitality.

Panama continues to rise as a top business, technology, and financial hub in Latin America, offering endless learning opportunities. With its rapidly growing economy, investment incentives, and stable political environment, it is no surprise that Panama continues to attract an increasing number of international study trips every year.