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Discover the Hidden Local
Gems of Our top destinations

We know that students and trip leaders are always looking to make the most of their free time during their academic programs. Look no further!
We are compiling some of the recommendations from our local teams, of activities you can enjoy, all without needing a minimum number of participants from your cohort. Thanks to our partnership with Viator, you can easily book these activities and start exploring independently.

Why Explore
Local Activities?

Exploring local activities is not just about filling your free time. It’s about immersing yourself in the destination’s culture, gaining practical experiences, and making meaningful connections. Our programs are designed to offer you the best of both worlds—high-quality business education and the opportunity to explore the local culture, whether as part of the program or during your free time. By immersing in these activities, you can experience what makes each location unique.

Our local teams live and work in these cities and are excited to share their favorite spots with you. These recommendations will help you make the most of your travels, from hidden gems to popular attractions.

Private Cooking class
in Buenos Aires

Dive into Argentinian cuisine
beyond just dining out!

Recommended by Ignacio

Why do you recommend it?

“Students get to discover the flavors of Argentina in a hands-on Cooking Class. They can learn to make traditional dishes that they can replicate at home. Plus, after the class they get to enjoy what they cooked with a glass of wine, the local way”. 

Recommended by Maribel

Why do you recommend it?

“I love this unique way to see the beauty of Lisbon’s monuments, what can be better than being on a sailboat with a glass of Portuguese wine in hand?”

Wine and Sunset
boat tour of Lisbon

Sail away in Lisbon with a glass
of Vinho Verde at hand!

Little Italy and North Beach Walking Tour in San Francisco

Join the ultimate foodie experience while seeing landmarks like Saint Peter and Pauls church

Recommended by Kaylee Scoggins png

Why do you recommend it?

“North Beach is my neighborhood and my favorite part of San Francisco. Plus, it is a really safe neighborhood for our students to walk to, near some of the hotels we typically stay at”.

Recommended by Laura

Why do you recommend it?

“I love nature, and this tour showcases the biodiversity unique to Panama while navigating the waters of the Panama Canal, next to massive containerships. I love to see the curious monkeys as they approach the boats, and if you’re lucky, eat directly from your hand, this is a unique experience not to be missed!”

Panama Canal and
wildlife boat tour

Want to go monkeying

Maipo Valley
Wine Tour

Indulge in this delightful,
outdoor experience

Recommended by JESS

Why do you recommend it?

“Isla de Maipo, -Not really an island but named after the surrounding river- is a picturesque town in Chilean wine country. The area offers ideal conditions for grape growing. As a sommelier, I think a Valley Wine Tour in chile is a must-visit, especially when you can visit not, one, but three family-owned wineries, indulge in tastings, and enjoy a delightful lunch”.

Recommended by quo

Why do you recommend it?

“Two major attractions of southern Vietnam—one historical, one natural, both cultural”

Cu Chi Tunnels
and Mekong Delta

Do you want to maximize your
day with 2 experiences in one?

Exploring local activities is a fantastic way to enrich your experience and maximize your free time during our programs. From outdoor adventures and cultural experiences to foodie tours and wellness activities, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Our local teams are passionate about sharing their favorite spots with you, ensuring your stay is enjoyable and memorable, so don’t hesitate to pick any of the activities we recommend on your itinerary or ask your local program coordinator for more ideas to explore your travel destination, like a local!

Ready to start your adventure? Book your activities through our partnership with Viator and discover the hidden gems of our local spots. Happy exploring!

*Austral Education Group offers third-party activity recommendations, for your convenience. These activities are optional and arranged directly with the external vendors. Participants must evaluate and accept the terms and risks independently, as Austral is not responsible for any disputes or claims related to these services.