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v3Austral Education Group Annual Sustainability Report

At the heart of our organization, we strive for sustainable development. This has led us to create an action plan to guide us, inspire our team and business students, and equip them with the knowledge and tools for sustainable innovation and responsible leadership. 

While we have been working towards sustainability for several years, this is our first Annual ESG Report accessible to the public. Although we know we are not perfect, we understand that the most important thing is to take the first step and continuously learn as we prioritize sustainable practices in our business operations.

We recognize that our work and the people we serve have the potential for significant impact, as educating others is a powerful way to promote ESG practices. Therefore, our report will focus on the environment, society, and governance, as well as on the educational aspects of our programs.

Our Industry:

Creating Connections and Making a Positive Impact

Travel is intrinsic to connecting people, promoting cultural exchange, and supporting conservation. It is crucial to bridge gaps between individuals from diverse backgrounds, facilitate cultural exchange, and foster mutual understanding. Moreover, it is an industry with immense potential for job opportunities and creating a better living for people worldwide. However, we must also acknowledge the adverse effects of carbon emissions on the environment and take steps towards minimizing them.

Business education equips future leaders with the knowledge and tools necessary for sustainable development. At Austral Education Group, we recognize our privileged position and strive to make a meaningful impact in various areas. 

Let’s delve into some of the key areas we focus on.

But first, let’s review our Methodology:

We have adopted a methodology based on key performance indicators (KPIs) developed under the EFFAS framework to accurately measure and report our progress. This framework allows us to track our sustainability efforts and show progress over time. Transparent reporting of ESG metrics is essential for stakeholders to assess our sustainability performance and hold us accountable.



Energy Efficiency



GHC Emissions



Staff Turnover


Training & Qualifications


Maturity of Workforce


Absenteeism Rate



Litigation Risks






Revenue from

New Products


Energy Efficiency:
Monitoring Energy Usage: Tracking and Assessing Efficiency

We closely monitor the dollar energy consumption at all our office locations to manage energy consumption. This allows us to gain insights into our overall energy usage. To further evaluate the efficiency of our energy use, we also measure specific energy consumption per desk. This key performance indicator (KPI) provides valuable information on how effectively we utilize energy resources, and it is estimated in dollar consumption.

We strive to optimize energy usage and minimize waste and unnecessary expenses by monitoring and assessing these factors.


GHG Emissions:
Tackling Climate Change: Our Commitment to Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

At Austral Group, we take climate change seriously. 

Monitoring our Impact: We track our total GHG emissions to understand our environmental footprint.

Assessing Our Efficiency: We calculate GHG emissions per revenue unit and employee to evaluate our impact further. By capturing this data, we can determine our specific GHG emissions and work towards reducing them.

Screenshot 2023-12-06 at 20.58.39

Once we have calculated and tried to reduce our carbon footprint, we offset the remaining emissions by purchasing carbon credits from our trusted partners at Moss Earth.

For 2022, we estimated our corporate carbon footprint as 223 tons of CO2 and purchased the equivalent 223 carbon credits through our partners at Moss Earth. These carbon credits are going towards conservation projects in the Amazon rainforest. You can learn more about the projects they benefit here.

Air travel is the most significant contributor to our corporate and operational carbon footprint. However, we are committed to minimizing our impact by offsetting our corporate and internal operation flights and the group flights we arrange for students in our programs. This commitment applies to international and domestic flights in our dual destination programs.

Other Initiatives:

Bike Parking is available in our offices to incentivize green transportation where possible
Bike Parking is available in our offices to incentivize green transportation where possible
Recycling and composting stations in our Santiago offices
Recycling and composting stations in our Santiago offices

Staff Turnover:

Tracking employee turnover and training rates is crucial for assessing our commitment to employee retention, engagement, and professional development. To understand employee turnover, we measure the percentage of employees leaving per year out of the total number of full-time equivalent (FTE) employees. 

Maintaining a solid team is crucial for our success and growth. Hiring the best, offering continuous training, enhancing our employee benefits, and creating perks are critical strategies for retaining our team, which is vital in preserving valuable skills, knowledge, and experience within our company.

At Austral Education Group, we understand the importance of employee retention to ensure diverse perspectives for sustained growth.


Other Initiatives:

English course reimbursement
English course reimbursement

Maturity of Workforce: Understanding our Workforce’s Age Diversity and Planning for Succession

We believe in analyzing our team’s age structure and distribution. By examining the number of employees in each age group within 10-year intervals, we gain valuable insights into the age diversity of our talent.

Additionally, we recognize the significance of planning for the future through retirement projections. By estimating the percentage of the workforce expected to retire in the next five years, we can effectively plan for succession and talent management to provide growth opportunities where possible and to secure top talent for critical roles that minimize disruptions to our ability to deliver key aspects of our programs.

By focusing on age diversity and retirement projections, we can ensure a well-rounded approach to maintaining a thriving and capable workforce for years to come.

Maturity of workforce IMAGE

Embracing Diversity:
Enhancing Our Global Perspective

We take pride in our commitment to diversity within our teams. By monitoring age diversity, retirement projections, and hiring the best candidates, we believe diversity is fundamental to our success. It is the key that unlocks new ways of thinking and enables us to thrive in the rich tapestry of global destinations and cultures. Our team’s diversity is reflected in age and our ethnic and cultural backgrounds as team members collaborate across the globe. We are proud to harness the power of diversity in our team to drive innovation and growth.

From Arabic to Vietnamese

While English is our common working language, our team is linguistically diverse, and we speak 11 languages collectively.

English, Spanish, and Portuguese are the top 3 native languages in our team.

Absenteeism rate (Health Rate): We measure a healthy work life balance based on the number of days non labor law related time off used.
In 2022, our awesome team members took a total of 151 days off for personal reasons, not related to their vacations like moving homes, celebrating their birthdays, getting married, and taking sabbaticals.


Other Initiatives:

Gympass membership
Gympass membership
Stress management trainings
Stress management trainings
Healthy foods cooked in our Santiago Office
Healthy foods cooked in our Santiago Office

Litigation Risks:
Expenses and fines related to anti-competitive behavior:

We track expenses and fines incurred due to legal actions, filings, or lawsuits related to anti-competitive behavior, antitrust, and monopoly practices.
Reserves for preventive measures:
We set aside reserves to implement preventive measures against anti-competitive behavior, antitrust, and monopoly practices.
Litigation payments:
We report on payments made and reserves set aside for other legal matters.


Corruption: Our objective is to keep our revenue sources clean and transparent. We closely monitor the percentage of our total revenue from countries with a corruption index below 60. Our goal is to ensure that this percentage remains below 5%. For 2022, the countries within our portfolio falling below this threshold were Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, South Africa, Poland, and Costa Rica.

Total for 2022: 1.7%


Product Lifecycle and Margin Contributions: We analyze the portion of our revenue that comes from our different products (academic travel, experiential learning, and online education).
Our goal in 2022 was to create an online education portfolio that made more than 5% of our total travel profits. This not only ensured ongoing initiatives in case travel were to be halted, but also strengthened our relationships with global corporate partners, pairing them with student consulting teams that used experiential, real-world learning to tackle their business challenges and maximize their opportunities. 

Revenue from New Products:
Investing in products and development of travel destinations is key to ensuring our sustainable growth. We have allocated permanent resources to support this ongoing progress. In addition to working closely with business schools, we have also formed partnerships with schools of education, law, and hospitality. Furthermore, we have developed exciting travel programs for corporate partners focused on leadership development.

Educational content, activities & projects

Making a lasting impact Through Education and Community Engagement

We strive to create a lasting impact through our education programs. We are committed to empowering students, supporting local businesses, and making a difference in the communities that need it the most in our destinations worldwide.